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Staff List 2017 - 2018

  • P1 - Mrs F. Burke
  • P2 - Miss F. Penman
  • P3 - Miss C.Goodwin
  • P4 - Mrs M. Brown
  • P6/5 - Miss J. Rice
  • P7/6 - Mrs L. Kilhooley
  • RCT (P.E. & French) - Ms J. Fitzgerald
  • Support for learning teacher - Mrs J. Sim
  • Bi-lingual support teacher - Mrs A. Ferrier
  • Principal Teacher - Mrs A. Mullay
  • Head Teacher - Mrs J. Heffell


  As part of the ASPIRE program we have weekly music tuition from a team of visiting music tutors.  Dundee Active Schools provide coaches for our lunchtime and after school sports clubs.

We also have lots of support staff.

  • Mrs Bruce and Mrs Jeffrey work in the office.
  • Mrs Davie and Mrs Flynn work with the pupils, in school and in the playground.
  • Miss Greig and Mrs Thomson are our Learning and Care Assistants.
  • Our School and Family Development Worker is Mr John Marr. More information HERE.
  • We have a Morgan Cluster School Nurse.
  • We have janitorial support from the Morgan Cluster.


At different times of the year we might be joined by Student Teachers on placement from University of Dundee's School of Education and Social Work.