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Staff List 2017 - 2018

  • P1 - Mrs Burke
  • P2 - Miss Penman
  • P3 - Miss Goodwin
  • P4 - Mrs Brown
  • P6/5 - Miss Rice
  • P7/6 - Mrs Kilhooley
  • RCT (P.E. & French) - Ms Fitzgerald
  • Support for learning teacher - Mrs Sim
  • Bi-lingual support teacher - Mrs Ferrier
  • Principal Teacher - Mrs Mullay
  • Acting Head Teacher - Mrs Weir


  As part of the ASPIRE program we have weekly music tuition from a team of visiting music tutors.

We also have lots of support staff.

  • Mrs Bruce and Mrs Jeffrey work in the office.
  • Mrs Davie and Mrs Flynn work with the pupils, in school and in the playground.
  • Miss Greig and Mrs Thomson are our Learning and Care Assistants.
  • Our School and Family Development Worker is Mr John Marr. More information HERE.
  • We have a Morgan Cluster School Nurse.


At different times of the year we might be joined by Student Teachers on placement from University of Dundee's School of Education and Social Work.