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Maxwelltown Garden

We have a large plot and some raised beds at the community garden in the Maxwelltown Centre.  These are looked after by classes on a rota of weekly visits.  We go to the garden all year round and take part in many outdoor learning activities organised by the staff at the centre.  Gardening not only teaches children where food comes from and encourages them to eat more fruit and vegetables, it also improves their social skills, science knowledge, environmental awareness and patience.  Outdoor learning at its finest!  We often bring produce back to school to cook and taste.

Right now we are harvesting fruit and vegetables, weeding our raised beds and plot, as well as watching for butterflies and snails.  Jack and Dannielle help us in the garden and teach us while we are there. There is always a lot to see and do in the plots and the wildlife ponds. Look in the class galleries for more photos, and watch for our weekly tweets from the garden!