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Football season draws to a close.

We celebrated playing our final cup and league matches of the year in style on Thursday, with a special lunch.  Peh and beans were, of course, on the menu as the team players met with Mr Sullivan, Mrs Bruce and Mrs SIm to toast 2016-17's good sportsmanship and team effort.  There were toasts to all and the boys presented Mr Sullivan with a specially signed (rugby) ball.  

Following Mrs Shaw's departure last year, football at Rosebank was in some jeopardy.  Knowing how much it means to the children, Mrs Sim and Mrs Bruce decided to organise things, but they had limited coaching experience!  Therefore, they would like to record their special thanks to Mr Sullivan, who came to us as a brass tutor, but ended up coaching at every single match (even though he prefers rugby)! 

Thanks also to Mrs Bruce, Mrs Stanfield, Mr Sullivan and Mrs SIm for providing all the team transport this year.